YBN Nahmir's "Wake Up" Inspires Sarcastic Meme About His Morning Routine

Mahlik Campbell

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Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

After rolling over and hitting the snooze button for the fourth time in the morning, have you ever thought about how a rapper signed to a major label starts their day?

The story varies depending on the person. Big Sean gets to work, Gucci Mane might be on a private jet, J. Cole and Drake could be looking for another round of sexual healing, and Kanye West simply says, "Good morning!" In the case of YBN Nahmir, his morning routine is simple: "Wake up, get my d**k sucked / Then I pull off in that Bentley truck!"

Nahmir's catchy and extremely honest chorus has sparked a flurry of memes on social media from fans sarcastically wondering how this "nice-looking young man" spends his waking hours.

One Redditor commented, "Certainly not receiving fellatio from a female prior to leaving the premises within his Bentley automobile." For those in the know, "WUGMDS" – an acronym standing for the obvious – is the typical caption, as well as the correct answer.

The general joke seems to have been started by the Instagram meme page @__extendo__, which posted this "WUGMDS"-inspired Squidward edit near the beginning of 2021.

The triumphant "Wake Up" beat is produced by Donnie Katana and samples the orchestral theme music heard during the end credits of 'Minecraft.'

"I still can’t get over the fact that this song samples the credits theme of Minecraft," a Redditor wrote. "I’ll never be able to listen to the string part without hearing 'Wake up get my d**k sucked.'" Sorry not sorry, homie.

Expect more heat from Nahmir via the "Opp Stoppa" remix featuring 21 Savage, arriving this Friday, Jan. 22. His new album, 'Visionland,' is on the way too.


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