Wiz Khalifa Picks Two Rappers Who Can't Handle the Smoke

Mahlik Campbell music /
Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa called out these two artists for not being able to hold their own in the rotation. 💨

Khalifa Man is one of the most prolific smokers in hip-hop. Besides spending over $10,000 per month to sustain his habit, just look at the titles of two of his best albums: Kush & Orange Juice and Rolling Papers.

Having indulged with countless other green-friendly rappers and celebrities, from Juicy J to Seth Rogen, he's probably seen several reputations go up in smoke.


In a recent interview with Big Boy, Khalifa revealed two of those names who apparently struggle to puff, puff, pass. The first? "Big Sean," he quickly responded when asked who can't keep up at the 16:30 mark of the video.

After thinking for a few moments, he added, "French Montana (laughs). See, I'm stoned so it's hard to think."

Big Boy also inquired about whether there's anyone who Khalifa wouldn't hop in a session with right now. The Pittsburgh-bred artist offered an appropriate answer: "Anybody who hasn't been in the house for at least an entire month. I would say two weeks, but an entire month. ... Matter of fact, nobody actually. I'm not passin' nothin'." 😂

Another highlight came when Khalifa mentioned Willie Nelson, who's his dream buddy to get elevated with.

Though Khalifa has collaborated with both Big Sean and French Montana, his admission that Sean can't handle his own smoke is somewhat surprising considering they've made several weed-inspired jams together, including "High," "Weed Brownie" and "Flowers."

Kings stay kings, I guess.