Viral Clip of DaBaby Teaching a Lesson to Kids Selling Candy Sparks Soulja Boy Response


| LAST UPDATE 07/15/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
AFF-USA via Shutterstock

Despite being a multi-millionaire, DaBaby recently went viral after giving a couple of young kids just $4 for candy they were selling on the street. Well, Soulja Boy seems to be using the moment to troll him.

During a trip to New York City where he'd presented LaMelo Ball with an ESPY Award, DaBaby noticed two kids selling Skittles and Gushers on the sidewalk. The 29-year-old hopped out of his sprinter van to ask how much they would charge per box.

"$200," they replied, even though they were pushing each individual pack for only $2. Laughing at their bold asking price, DaBaby then challenged them to count how many packs were in each box to see if the math would indeed add up to $200.

The main hustler admits he's holding roughly 34 packs, which would total far less than $200 at $2 a pop. "It ain't $200. It ain't even $100," DaBaby says while grasping a stack of cash. "That’s $68."

In the end, DaBaby decides to pay the regular price of $2 to seemingly show them the consequences of being greedy and trying to finesse someone. "You gotta use your head, man," he tells one of the kids. "You was tryna play me. I was gon' bless you anyway."

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As the clip began to spread, viewers were relatively split on whether DaBaby did the right thing.

Soulja Boy also took notice, and when he stumbled upon a pair of youthful treat hustlers, the Stacks on Deck founder lived up to his reputation and blessed them with hella cash. Plus, he didn't even take any of their candy!

"First rapper to give a n***a a bankroll and let 'em keep the candy," Soulja says.

DaBaby hasn't thrown any shade back at Soulja, but he did defend the viral clip in an interview with Complex. He claims if the kids were honest about the actual price, he would've immediately handed them a rack.