Tyler, The Creator Shouts Out Playboi Carti During 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards Speech


| LAST UPDATE 10/12/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Tyler, The Creator
Amy Harris via Shutterstock

Tyler, The Creator took home three trophies at the recent 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards: Album of the Year, Best Live Performer and the Cultural Influence Award. During his speech for the last one, Tyler paid homage to a specific Playboi Carti bar that always gets him "teared up."

So, what's the line? "Bought a crib for my mama off that mumblin' s**t!" Or, as Tyler says, "Bought my mom a house off this mumblin' s**t."

Tyler explained why this baby-voiced Carti line – rapped on the lawless 2018 track "R.I.P." – hits so different. "This thing that's a hobby or a pastime or a passion for us, that s*** kept us out of trouble. And it allowed us to change our family's lives, our friends' lives, our lives."

Carti wasn't the only rapper Tyler shouted out during his speech. The 30-year-old also credited Q-Tip, André 3000, Chad Hugo and Pharrell aka The Neptunes, Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Hype Williams and more for helping him "understand" that he could blaze his own trail in hip-hop.

"I definitely think that I've created my own path but it's people who allowed me to understand that I can do that. Who laid the blueprint."

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Tyler and Carti made history in 2019 when they connected for "Earfquake," which wound up being Tyler's highest-charting single ever (#13) on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. When Tyler first wrote the song, however, he offered it to Justin Bieber and then Rihanna. They both declined.

"I made ["Earfquake"] like May of 2017 and I wrote it for Bieber," he revealed during an Apple Music livestream. "He didn't take it, so I hit Rihanna people up. I was like 'Hey, I have this song, I would love for her to sing the hook, I think it will be big.' I just wanna write pop songs, honestly. I didn't hear back from them, so I left my [reference] vocals in."