Tyler, The Creator Debuts Self-Directed "The Really Cool Converse Club" Commercial


| LAST UPDATE 07/23/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator is probably the most notable creative officially repping Converse these days, having worked with the brand on numerous sneakers and other apparel released under his Golf Le Fleur sub-label.

For his newest campaign, he directed a hilarious and bizarre commercial featuring fellow West Coast artist Vince Staples, NBA legend Bill Walton, former Odd Future member Jasper and many more.

Dubbed "The Really Cool Converse Club," the semi-fictional crew includes all the different kinds of people who rock Chuck Taylors, from middle-aged greasers to skateboarders.

Actor Tim Meadows gets fired up when his membership is revoked for wearing a denim hat, a cardinal sin.

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"I instantly thought about the many pockets of people that wear Chucks – like skateboarders, soccer moms, kids down the street, guys in the neighborhood I grew up with – and I wanted to put them in one place, that was important to me," Tyler said in a statement. "Everyone wears Chucks…including pirates."

Real fans know this is far from the first time he's worked his magic behind the camera. In fact, Tyler's alter ego, Wolf Haley, is credited as the sole director for all 6 music videos that dropped in tandem with 'Call Me If You Get Lost.'

Haley also directed the infamous 'Yonkers' visuals back in 2011. What can't this man – or Wolf – do?!