Travis Scott Cancels $5.5 Million Show In Saudi Arabia After Astroworld Tragedy


| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Travis Scott
Erika Goldring via WireImage

The tragedy at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival seems to be weighing heavy on him. Variety reports that Travis has canceled a "$5.5 million one-off show" that was set to be held in Saudi Arabia this Friday, Nov. 19th.

He also scrapped his headliner slot at the recent Day N Vegas Festival. Travis' next major performance is currently scheduled for back-to-back weekends in April 2022 at Coachella, though more than 45,000 fans have signed a petition asking for him to be removed.

Since 10 people died due to a crowd surge at Astroworld, Travis has reportedly been hit with more than 100 total lawsuits from attendees. A woman went viral after standing outside his home to protest.

A 9-year-old boy named Ezra Blount is the latest and youngest attendee to pass away. Travis was "his favorite artist," according to Ezra's grandpa. He had been in a medically induced coma in an attempt to overcome brain, liver and kidney injuries, per CNN.

According to Travis' lawyer Edwin F. McPherson, the 30-year-old artist hasn't left his $14-million mansion in Houston since the festival incident, which he suggested Travis wasn't aware of until the next morning.

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"Travis didn't really understand the full effect of everything until the next morning," he said during an interview with Good Morning America. "Truly he did not know what was going on."

McPherson continued, "Understand that when he's up on the stage and he has flashpots going off around him and he has an ear monitor that has music blasting through it and his own voice, he can't hear anything, he can't see anything."

The fallout has been noticeable in some ways – Fortnite removed an emote from its store depicting a shirtless Travis.

However, Akademiks noticed that 'Astroworld' the album sold 15k copies last week after the festival happened, a 40% boost from the week before.

Arriving more than 3 years ago, the certified 4x-Platinum album gave La Flame his second #1 entry on the Billboard 200 chart.