Toronto's Smiley Secures Fire Drake Feature For "Over The Top" & Signs to OVO


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
@thareal_smiley via IG

Drake has been paying attention to rising Toronto rapper Smiley for several years. Now, they're linking for their first song together, "Over The Top," where Drizzy slides over a Tay Keith beat with a hook and a verse.

Smiley is also the newest signee to Drake's OVO Sound imprint. (He's officially been added to the label's roster via its website.)

On the track, Drizzy unleashes and details his unrelenting drive to remain at the top of the industry: "Anyone else would retire, but I'm not content / I wanna bury these n****s like 20 feet down so no one can find them again!"

Meanwhile, Smiley co-signs Drake's hunger and reveals that the first verse he shared for a song tentatively titled "Organization," leaked: "Got a verse from the boy and it leaked / He sent me a new one, said, 'Use it instead.'"

Back in April, Smiley was seen hitting the gym alongside Drake. "Young Bobby Valentino in the cut," Drizzy jokes. Slim Smiley, we’re here getting the work in."

(The OVO Sound roster already includes several Canadian acts like PARTYNEXTDOOR, dvsn and Majid Jordan.)

A month later in May, Smiley recalled the start of his relationship with Drake to Complex, saying the latter heard a song he had called "Hit" back in 2014.

"That was the first time I’d ever seen that Drake knew who I was or anything," he said. "That was the first time I’d ever seen that Drake knew who I was; one of his boys posted my song, and he commented, 'Smiley = GOAT.'

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"And then that’s when I was like, Oh f**k, this guy knows who I am and s**t.' So then, probably a couple of days later, he followed me on Insta."