The Weeknd Performs His 'Final Feature'


| LAST UPDATE 08/14/2023

By Amelie Durham
Weeknd Features After Hours
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If you're like us, you probably think a Weeknd feature is almost just as good as a Weeknd song. But the Blinding Lights singer recently announced he's done doing features for the foreseeable future - and fans aren't happy about it.

During a recent performance in Warsaw for his After Hours Til Dawn tour, The Weeknd revealed the surprising news to thousands of his fans in the audience. “This next song I’m about to perform is an unreleased record. I haven’t dropped it yet. It’s called Another One of Me,” he shared with the crowd. “And I just wanna say that this is gonna be the last feature I ever do, ever in my career. So I wanna perform it for you guys tonight.” The name of the other artist on the track is still being kept under wraps - and so is the release date. But according to Tesfaye, there's only one way he'd ever consider going back on his decision to quit features...

Weeknd Daft Punk features
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The singer shared a clip from his performance in Warsaw on Wednesday night, when he announced his decision to his fans. The caption above the video read, "the final feature… unless daft punk ever get back together." So, the fate of us ever hearing The Weeknd's vocals on another artist's track depends on the electronic music duo getting back together. Daft Punk had previously collaborated with Tesfaye on the Billboard Top 100 No. 1 hit Starboy, as well as I Feel It Coming from his 2016 album Starboy. Needless to say, fans - and The Weeknd himself - were pretty upset when the duo split back in 2021. Now, the Call Out My Name singer's own fans are calling for them to get back together, in a desperate attempt to change their fave music artist's mind about features.

Users flooded the comments section on Abel's Twitter video, sharing their feelings about his announcement. One person wrote, "Nah, you’re so real for this. Daft Punk, please get back together," while another fan shared, "We’re fine with it unless you just keep making music forever. Otherwise, we won’t survive." We can't argue with that. So, will Daft Punk be making music again, or are we forever doomed to a live in a world without The Weeknd features? Stay tuned as we find out...

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