The Weeknd Debuts Chizzled Jawline, No Bandages in "Save Your Tears" Video

Mahlik Campbell

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Emma McIntyre/AMA2020 via Getty Images

For much of the 'After Hours' saga, The Weeknd's face has been fake bruised, bloodied and bandaged. The gauze is finally coming off for what could be the last act, though what lies underneath is leaving fans shook.

Providing the musical entertainment for a lackluster masquerade party set in a banquet hall, The Weeknd graces the "Save Your Tears" video looking like a wildly different person.

Recovered from the beatings he took in "Blinding Lights" and beyond, Abel Tesfaye's bad-boy alter-ego has undergone some significant facial reconstruction. The result is a fierce jawline, elevated cheekbones and brow ridge, a slightly crooked nose, bloated lips and surgery scars. 

What are fans saying? The Weeknd's more than 27 million Instagram followers commented with laughs, confusion and the fitting lyrics from his 2015 track "Can't Feel My Face" on a selfie he shared. "Hello Ken, where's Barbie?" the most-liked comment reads.

People also hilariously compared the look to "Handsome Squidward," a transformation SpongeBob helped cause by slamming Squid's face in a door circa 2007, as well as Dorian Tyrell from 'The Mask.'

The makeup was so good that some viewers believed The Weeknd had actually gotten plastic surgery, yet media outlets like Us Magazine confirmed it was only a form of "performance art." (Thank god.)

Attention to detail: Mike Marino, The Weeknd's go-to prosthetics designer responsible for his 'Nutty Professor' Halloween costume, revealed the original sculpture and molds used to bring the guise to life.

Ahead of his Super Bowl LV show in a few weeks, The Weeknd seems to be all about distorting his appearance. He recently changed his profile picture on IG to a horribly trippy fan art sketch.


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