SZA's Inbox is Literally Filled With Fan Submissions for "Good Days" Video

Mahlik Campbell

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Phillip Faraone via Getty Images

SZA isn't subscribed to the Daquan Newsletter (yet) but even if she was, she'd have trouble getting it since her Gmail is literally overflowing with fans hoping to make the cut for her "Good Days" video.  

The TDE artist put out a call to her over 4 million Twitter followers asking them to send clips of "your happiest, saddest, your ugliest moments!!"

Fire idea! "I decided that this is all our song and I have to have you in it!!" a cartoon notepad reads. "I wanna see what's been keeping you alive! What does Good Days mean to you! Whether you're crying, dancing screaming or sleeping. IDCCC send it to me!!! I wanna see ittt! This is about us as a collective. Let's go."

Promptly, like in less than three hours, fans flooded the designated email address So much so that someone, presumably from her team, texted her, "Whew chile," and shared that their Gmail account was filled to the brim with 2,500 submissions.

"I can add more space," they suggested. Bet.

The final deadline is set for this Saturday, so there's no telling how many emails could be in the inbox by then, especially if SZA plans on reviewing each one herself. It's worth noting that the 30-year-old singer confirmed only "part" of the video will use these clips.

The overwhelming response isn't all that shocking, as SZA's follow-up to her Grammy-nominated 2017 album, 'Ctrl,' is one of the most anticipated albums of 2021. She dropped "Good Days" on Christmas.

Going strong: But people are still bumping that 'Ctrl.' In fact, the 14-track project has amassed 20 million Spotify streams since the beginning of the month, making her tattoo plenty worth it.