Soulja Boy Temporarily Removed From Millennium Tour After Young Dolph's Passing


| LAST UPDATE 11/24/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Soulja Boy
Johnny Nunez via WireImage

Days before Young Dolph was shot and killed at a cookie store in Memphis, he and Soulja Boy exchanged jabs online. So when the firm behind Soulja's tour decided he shouldn't perform, he lashed out, dragging Dolph in the process…

The Millennium Tour 2021 features throwback stars like Omarion, Bow Wow, Ashanti, Soulja Boy and more. Prior to stopping in Memphis and St. Louis this past weekend, G-Squared Events announced the removal of Soulja from the lineup citing "the safety and welfare of our patrons."

Soulja clapped back at those who claimed he "fumbled the bag," saying during an IG Live session, "All y'all n****s did was make my job easier. I don't gotta come and I'm still getting paid." He also wondered in a comment, "What [Young Dolph] dying got to do with me?"

Soulja continued, suggesting Dolph and his crew would've been "laughing" and taunting him if he was the one who had died. (He even alleged that Dolph's partners were "threatening" him in his DMs at one point.)

Imitating Dolph's deep voice he said, "Soulja Boy a b***h. That n***a was talkin' crazy now look at him."

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The conflict between Soulja and Dolph seemingly started when Key Glock – Dolph's cousin – poked fun at Soulja, saying he was "the first rapper with a 3D billboard."

Dolph then threw shade via a pair of IG Stories. "How da f**k I’m an independent artist and gettin’ 100 rax plus for a show?" he wrote. "How da f*** @keyglock got more cars & ice than you & your CEO?"

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Never one to shy away from a viral opportunity, Soulja brought up the infamous incident where Dolph was shot at 100 times in Charlotte in Feb. 2017. (Dolph wasn't injured, as he was reportedly inside a bulletproof SUV.) Soulja added, "F**k Paper Route, f**k Key Glock, f**k Young Dolph."

While the fallout from Dolph's passing has been intense, Snupe Bandz, Paper Route Woo and other Paper Route affiliates are continuing his annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway. They offered hundreds of turkeys to families in Dolph's Memphis neighborhood of Castalia.