Smokepurpp's Message to COVID: "U AINT STOPPING SH*T"

Mahlik Campbell

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 09: Smokepurpp attends John Elliott in Front Row at February 2019 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows on February 09, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Yuchen Liao/Getty Images)

Smokepurpp released a new song and video late Tuesday night that doubles as a message to the coronavirus, "FUCK CORONA U AINT STOPPING SHIT (EXCUSE ME)."

Though he doesn't make any lyrical reference to the virus, Purpp is clearly staying locked in while quarantined at his crib in Los Angeles. "IMA STILL BE IN THE HOUSE DROPPING SHIT," he wrote on his SoundCloud. (He also said the song is really called "EXCUSE ME," but we like the impromptu title better.)

Riding lo-fi, spectral keys and an overpowering 808 that probably came from go-to producer Ronny J, Purpp is carefree and leaning back into the barebones sound of "Ski Mask" that originally put him on the map. "Real life gettin' better than my dreams / this shit is crazy as hell," he murmurs.

There's also a CDC link where viewers can learn more about the coronavirus included below the video on YouTube. 💯

Purpp's last album, Deadstar 2, came in Dec. 2019, but he's already getting ready to drop a new tape, FLORIDA JIT. He said it's about 95% complete and has been previewing mosh-friendly snippets like the one below.

Though he's the first major rapper to drop an original song related to the coronavirus issue, Purpp joins Cardi B and Trippie Redd in using music to raise awareness about the virus.

Cardi B went viral after posting an Instagram video last week where she was open about her epidemic fears. It was later remixed into a song, "Coronavirus Remix," and all proceeds are going to be donated to a charity.

Meanwhile, Trippie Redd did a quick freestyle about COVID-19, encouraging his fans to wash their hands and keep their distance. "Make sure you wash your hands for 30 minutes with hot water or I'mma fuck you up," he said. 🤣