Roddy Ricch Turns Into 'Compton Santa Claus' As He Takes Chopper To Toy Drive

Mahlik Campbell

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Prince Williams via Wireimage

It's possible no artist had a bigger year than Roddy Ricch, who secured two chart-topping hits with "The Box" and "Rockstar." He hasn't lost touch with his Compton roots, though, coming home for the holidays in style.

Over the weekend, Roddy Ricch descended on his hometown as the self-proclaimed "Compton Santa Claus" for a toy drive he was hosting.

But the 22-year-old didn't make your usual celebrity entrance in a blacked-out suburban. Instead, he pulled up in a helicopter and shared a moment overlooking the city with his 6.4 million Instagram followers. 

Here's what the view looked like from the ground.

Neighborhood love: According to a tweet from Real 92.3 radio host DJ Hed, families formed a line of cars stretching two miles as they waited to collect gifts from Roddy and his Bird Vision Entertainment team.

He also praised Roddy for putting on the event without any media coverage and simply to help the community that shaped him. "No news coverage, no other 'media' outlets, not one 'journalist' in attendance," he wrote. “It don’t matter, my bro's Toy Drive was a huge success in Compton today."

Speaking with GQ in January, Roddy discussed his upbringing in Compton and the various ways he gives back, noting that he doesn't typically promote his activities online. 

"I’m still very involved in my community,” he said. “I give back and I’m always there for the homies. That’s one of the biggest parts of what I do. We do a lot of giveaways, things like that, but those aren’t things I put out there with the media. I’m still very active with where I come from, so it’s not hard to stay connected at all."

Trophies: As part of the second annual Apple Music Awards, Roddy's debut album 'Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial' was recently named the Top Album of the Year, tallying over 1.5 billion worldwide streams.