Rapper Rooga Accuses Polo G of Fueling Chicago Street Feuds With PGF Nuk Verse


| LAST UPDATE 06/21/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Polo G
Barry Brecheisen via WireImage

Following the death of Chicago rapper FBG Cash, another artist known as Rooga addressed the idea that diss songs spark violence between gangs. Polo G offered his own hot take, but Rooga wasn't feeling it.

FBG Cash was reportedly fatally shot on the South Side of Chicago while sitting in his car. FBG Duck – a lead member of the Fly Boy Gang (FBG) rap collective – was also killed back in August 2020, in broad daylight.

Rooga – whose rap profile skyrocketed last year given his appearance on "Ok Ok" alongside Kanye and Lil Yachty from 'Donda' – argued that people always fuel theories about "beef" even though that's not always the cause.

"Even if I don't diss, if he don't diss, if don't nobody diss, rather you in this street s**t or not man, it's gon' happen. If a dude catch you, ain't nobody finna give you a pass 'cause you ain't diss nobody," he suggested.

Polo G (who's from Chicago) caught wind of Rooga's video and posted the below comment. He claimed that rappers and others "steady speakin on the dead" attract "that type of energy" that can lead to violence.

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Polo added, "It's really time to start growin up & leavin it in inna streets cuz time and time again the world show u same s**t."

Rooga replied to Polo and pointed out that in his intense verse on the remix of PGF Nuk's "Waddup," he boldly raps, "For B Money, we throwin' up Bs, catch one of the Gs, I'm makin' his face crack!"

Some fans think this line means that Polo wants smoke with the Gangster Disciples, rivals to the Black Disciples, a gang Polo allegedly reps. Rooga and Polo later talked things out.

In a great interview with Montreality, Polo actually talked about wanting his lyrics to mature as he grows older.

"I don't see myself being 30 rappin' about killing an opp or messing with thots, s**t like that, so just progression with life experiences, becoming more mature," he explained. "I feel like that's what's gon' make me a better lyricist."

The 23-year-old is already known for his heartfelt confessions heard in songs from "Chosen 1" to his latest single "Distraction."