Pooh Shiesty & Lawyer Speak On Gross Snitching Rumors: "Just A Straight Mistruth"


| LAST UPDATE 03/04/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Pooh Shiesty
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

As Pooh Shiesty awaits his sentencing date on April 7th, a story bubbled up about Pooh allegedly providing the cops with information about his two co-defendants. Pooh just broke his silence from behind bars…

Pooh Shiesty was arrested in July 2021 after the 22-year-old was allegedly involved in an armed robbery in Miami from that previous October that resulted in two men being shot. He was facing a maximum sentence of life in prison before pleading guilty to one firearms conspiracy charge.

There hadn't been many updates around Pooh's case since his guilty plea in January until storied rap manager Wack 100 – who also happens to be 6ix9ine's new manager – claimed he had seen Pooh's "paperwork."

He co-signed another man's suggestion that Pooh had "talked about two n****s in his paperwork," inferring he had snitched to some degree.

Pooh quickly denied the allegations via an IG Story. "It will never show in no paper that I sat down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case with me," he wrote.

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Pooh then addressed the proffer – a written contract between the defendant and federal prosecutors – that Wack had referenced, saying it was a "factual proffer."

Pooh's lawyer Bradford Cohen spoke up as well, suggesting no proffer even exists. "This is 100 percent fake news," he wrote. "There is no paperwork that would say [Pooh] said a word about anything on anything. In fact, none of the 3 charged gave proffers on anything about anything having to do with other people. This is just a straight mistruth."

On the music side of things, Pooh hinted that he's got a fresh single ready to go called "Omerta." Fittingly, this phrase means "code of silence," popularized by the mafia.

His last release – a freestyle titled "Federal Contraband" – arrived in December and was recorded via jailhouse phone. "In my cell, I'm tryna digest who really love and who fear me / Washin' my clothes in the sink, no more $2,000 Amiri jeans," he raps.