Polo G Pops Out With $2.2 Million & Shares Song Originally Recorded For Fortnite


| LAST UPDATE 12/21/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Polo G
Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

"Fortnight" is the title of a catchy single on Polo G's latest album 'Hall of Fame 2.0.' While he's not the first rapper to reference the video game on wax, he's one of the first to allegedly get played by Fortnite on a deal…

It's spelled differently but Polo G's "Fortnight" is titled after the popular video game. Not only is it a rare Polo G record in that it doesn't include any swear words but the video finds the 22-year-old Polo chilling with $2.2 million cash and bouncing around with his friends.

On the chorus, he humbly keeps it to "half a million." He continues, "Yeezy match my Dior bag, that's just what I'm feelin' like / Steady missin' all my guys so I ain't feelin' right / We got soul ties like I met you in a different life."

Polo initially turned heads when he popped up with that $2.2 million in a duffle bag in an empty mansion. "Dis just inspiration [you know] I'mma pop my s**t every chance I get I'm still humble tho lol," he captioned the below clip. But there might be a bigger reason behind Polo's flexing.

He revealed that he originally recorded "Fortnight" for the Fortnite soundtrack, which is why there isn't any cursing. However, Polo claims "they didn't follow thru [with] it," so he decided to put it on 'Hall of Fame 2.0' instead. "I felt like that [song] FIREEEEE," he added.

The exact nature of Polo's canceled Fortnite partnership isn't clear but Epic Games has been involved in hip-hop drama before. In 2019, BlocBoy JB hit 'em with a lawsuit alleging copyright and trademark infringement after they used his signature "Shoot" dance for an emote.

The case seems to have fizzled.

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Even without the official Fortnite co-sign, Polo is doing more than fine. 'Hall of Fame 2.0' sold 78k equivalent copies in its first week. However, that's a 65k decrease compared to the opening week for Polo's 'Hall of Fame' back in June, which gave him his first #1 album on the Billboard 200.