Polo G Happily Admits Lil Wayne "Walked" Him on New Single "Gang Gang"


| LAST UPDATE 05/25/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Wayne & Polo G

Keeping his foot on the gas ahead of his sophomore album, 'Hall of Fame,' Polo G tapped Lil Wayne for the new single "Gang Gang."

Weezy brought his A-game, too, prompting Polo G to confess that he's the only rapper to have ever "walked me down" on a track. "But I definitely need my rematch or sum," the 22-year-old added.

Polo explained that Wayne is the one who originally inspired his "approach" to rapping, as he used to study his lyrics. To now have the honor of working with him represents a "crazy" and full-circle moment.

At 38 years old, Weezy is still dropping outlandish tongue twisters: "Call me Capalotty, Big Slimalini, Lil Slime Gotti / That ain't the 'Ghini, lil b**** that's the 'Gatti!"

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Meanwhile, Polo G delivers raw tales of beating the struggle and enjoying his shine, "So used to them gray clouds, I might f*** around, drop the top in the rain." Memorable lines like these combined with narrative visuals have helped the song tally more than 7 million plays on YouTube in just a few days.

Yet Polo isn't the only body Wayne is taking on wax. Nicki Minaj, one of his most notable students, also admitted to getting "washed" by both Wayne and Drake on their recent collab, "Seeing Green."

She replied to a prompt asking about her favorite all-time Wayne and Drake bars, "I’m a woman enough to admit when I’ve been washed on a track by the Greats." But she's confident she's outdone each of them before.