NLE Choppa ‘Does It Again’ With Viral TikTok Trend


| LAST UPDATE 11/18/2022

By Elizabeth Russo
NLE Choppa Do It Again
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NLE Choppa is trending on TikTok yet again. The Memphis rapper recently dropped the hit track, Do It Again, featuring 2Rare - and users all over have picked up on the moves seen in the three-and-a-half-minute clip. So, why all the hype around his latest dance? Let's take a closer look.

The Memphis-born rapper rose to fame back in 2019 after his hit single Shotta Flow gained major hype and was picked up by Pitchfork. The track then made it to the Billboard Hot 100 in May of 2019, debuting at number 96, and eventually peaking at number 36. It was later remixed featuring Blueface before hitting platinum status. However, NLE Choppa first made waves the year before when his stand-out dance moves stirred some buzz online during a cypher-style song, No Chorus Pt. 3, by his Shoota Fam collective. The rapper dropped Shotta Flow 2 just a few months later and eventually inked a record deal with an independent distribution company. 

NLE Choppa Do It Again tiktok
Instagram via @nlechoppamusic
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The rapper and smooth dancer started dropping banger after banger, with his most recent track, Do It Again, now taking over our feeds. The music video shows Choppa and a group of friends getting together, showing off their extreme dance moves. And just like that, TikTok picked it up, and the #doitagainchallenge was born. The trend shows two friends dancing in tandem as they break down their best Do It Again moves, with the song playing in the background. YouTuber Adin Ross even got in on the action and uploaded his #doitagainchallenge to TikTok, alongside NLE Choppa himself. The young rapper has even responded to a few viral #doitagainchallenge attempts.


NEW YORK Dance Musical Out Now To “Do It Again” DID NY BRING IT ??? 🗽😮‍💨

♬ Do It Again (feat. 2Rare) - NLE Choppa

However, this is not the rapper's first time going viral for his standout moves. Last year, Choppa kicked off a new challenge linked to his Beat Box (First Day Out) freestyle. Taking the original Beat Box challenge from SpottemGotem's song and intertwining it with his own version of the dance, the rapper spearheaded the #ChoppaBeatBox challenge. "This s*** hard to do," he wrote on TikTok as he demonstrated the moves for people to follow. And well, it hit. Check out his latest single here. And be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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