NLE Choppa Breaks Silence On Fighting Rumored YoungBoy Fan At Atlanta Airport


| LAST UPDATE 02/07/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
NLE Choppa
Andy Lyons via Getty Images

It might not be a new phenomenon, but it's always crazy to see a rapper fight a fan. NLE Choppa went viral after tossing hands with a rumored YoungBoy fan inside an airport, and he finally set the record straight on the matter…

In the clip that went viral, Choppa and the fan appear to get into an argument before squaring up. According to Choppa, the fan ran up on him and accused him of "acting scared," as Choppa didn't hear them trying to get his attention.

The 19-year-old rapper was wearing headphones and listening to music while walking through the Atlanta airport.

While Choppa claims his intention at first was to "deescalate" the tense situation, the fan suddenly jumped at him with his fist balled. Choppa considered walking away but instead "fired on him" since he thought the dude might have tried to follow him and hit him with a cheap shot.

At one point during the scuffle, Choppa falls before regaining his balance. A narrative began bubbling online (largely from YoungBoy fans) that Choppa had gotten knocked out, but he later explained his flip flops and heavy backpack caused him to slip.

Choppa also confirmed that he "connected" on a few punches and busted the fan's lip in the deleted tweet above.

Just a few days earlier, Choppa "stamped" Chicago rapper Lil Reese's claim that YB isn't on "demon time" like his bold raps suggest.

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Reese aka the "Grim Reaper" wasn't feeling a diss YB had lobbed at O'Block, his home neighborhood. "O'Block pack get rolled up!" YoungBoy raps on "Bring The Hook."

Choppa doesn't believe the fan was actually motivated by YB, though. Right as the scrap got broken up, another fan – who Choppa says could've been as young as 12 years old – popped up with their phone and started shouting, "Big four kay trey!" which is how YoungBoy refers to his fanbase.

Coincidentally, Choppa's sophomore album 'Me vs. Me' dropped on Friday, Jan. 28th. "I just feel like I'm battling myself in every step of the day," he said in an interview when asked about the title's meaning.

The 16-track project sold 22k equivalent units in its opening week and debuted at #14 on the Billboard 200 chart. His debut album 'Top Shotta' hit #10 on the same chart back in August 2020.