Miley Cyrus Sends Migos Bouquet of Flowers for 'Hannah Montana' 15th Anniversary

Mahlik Campbell music /
Paras Griffin via FilmMagic

While "Versace" may have introduced the world to Migos' signature triplet flow and unbothered refrains, the earworm that cemented their style was "Hannah Montana." Years later, Hannah herself is finally giving them their flowers.

The Disney series 'Hannah Montana' turned 15 years old this week and the star of the show, Miley Cyrus, marked the occasion by sending bouquets of flowers to her well as the Migos.

Quavo hopped on his IG Story to share a photo of the colorful bouquet, which also came with a note addressing the rap group. "I <3 your song about me!" Miley wrote. "Keep Rockin! L<3ve – Hannah Montana."

Never forget: Though 'Hannah Montana' had been off the air for a couple of years when Migos released the single in Nov. 2013, the conversation around the show's main character was buzzing. Not only was Miley one of the biggest stars on the planet but she was shaking her reputation of Disney channel innocence. 

That same fall, Miley's career as an artist took a major turn when she released her collab with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Mike WiLL Made-It, "23."

Sure, Quavo and Takeoff – Offset was in jail at the time – are referring to cocaine when they mention "Hannah Montana," but Miley certainly benefitted from the awareness boost, especially since she was trying to pivot to a hip-hop-leaning sound.

Let's just say this little gift is well-deserved. (She likes the song itself, too.)

Coming for that top spot: Now, the Migos seem laser-focused on proving why they're "one of the greatest," according to Takeoff, once again. Several snippets from their upcoming album, 'Culture III,' have been moving around social media and stoking the interest of fans.