MF Doom's Streams Jump 870% as Fans Await Possible 'Madvillany' Sequel

Mahlik Campbell

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Roger Kisby via Getty Images

The hip-hop world was thrust into a state of shock on the final day of 2020 with the news that the metal face villain aka MF DOOM had died at 49. 

His wife Jasmine shared via DOOM's Instagram that he had "transitioned" two months prior on Halloween. Fans are celebrating his legacy by enjoying his timeless bodies of work, as MRC Data is reporting that DOOM's catalog has seen an 870% streaming spike between Dec. 31 and Jan. 5. 

Numbers: That's over 25 million plays in total. During the six previous days, his music was streamed 2.6 million times, still a sizable sum considering the near absent marketing surrounding his latest drops.  

True fans of DOOM know he rapped under various monikers like DANGERDOOM and as part of several groups, but more than half of the total streams – 14.1 million – were attributed to his solo releases.

The three most popular songs included "Rapp Snitch Knishes;" "Accordion" and "Doomsday." (Need an honorable mention for "Fancy Clown.") Thanks to all this refreshed attention, 'Madvillainy' re-entered the Billboard 200 at No. 73, earning 11,000 units and hitting a new chart peak.

A 'Madvillainy' sequel? Another jump in DOOM's listens would for sure happen if Stones Throw Records, the label responsible for organizing the Madlib-produced 'Madvillainy,' gets the blessing to package the fabled third installment (technically).

It's "85% done," according to Stones Throw leader Peanut Butter Wolf, who talked to DOOM's manager and claimed he's "basically all with the idea" of releasing the album. But the details aren't final yet. "I always have weird feelings about doing things after someone passed away," Peanut Butter Wolf added. True that.


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