Meek Mill, Rich The Kid and Chet Hanks Take Shots at 6ix9ine

Mahlik Campbell

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6ix9ine is continuing to draw attention from prominent rap figures like Meek Mill and Rich The Kid, as well as Chet Hanks. 😐

First, Meek hopped on Twitter recently to say that he wants to "set an example" with 6ix9ine, whose house arrest address was leaked for the second time on Monday.

In a tweet that was later deleted, Meek expanded on his point, highlighting the contrast of his brave efforts working toward criminal justice reform to 6ix9ine's dishonorable snitching tendencies.

“The internet got a witness in witness protection living in a town house that can’t even come outside saying check on me. I’m helping free people you putting family members behind bars… I gotta crush you for the culture you chump! How you sleep at night lol," he wrote.

He also mentioned Nipsey Hussle, tweeting that the late artist was "killed by one of them," resulting in Meek feeling "a way at heart" that nobody can change.

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#meekmill responds to #6ix9ine .

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As an indirect response, 6ix9ine offered one of his most bizarre trolling efforts yet, sharing a graphic on Instagram that shows him assisting an FBI agent and a police officer.

"Stop playin with me .... who made this?" he captioned the photo.

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Stop playin wit me .... who made this?

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Prior to these latest statements, Meek – though he again didn't name 6ix9ine – said he hoped "that rat" was planning an apology and referred to his latest single, "GOOBA," as "superrrrr trashhhhhhhhhhh."

In response, 6ix9ine questioned Meek's frustration as he recently welcomed a baby boy into the world. “Imagine having a new born baby come into the world & be pressed about a Mexican with rainbow hair,” he wrote on social media.

He also brought up Meek's past relationship with Nicki Minaj, commenting "Nicki don't want you no more" on a freestyle clip posted by Meek.

Meek wasn't the only person to take aim at 6ix9ine. Rich The Kid, who made headlines on Monday following a TMZ report that he was being sued for an unpaid $234,800 jewelry tab, exchanged words with the 24-year-old rapper.

Responding to a comment suggesting 6ix9ine's speechlessness after seeing the news, Rich claimed he had more jewelry and cars than him. "@6ix9ine we can play if u want ... I got the time & you sure as hell ain't got more money than me or Jewelry or CARS 😂," he typed.

Rich also downplayed the report about his legal situation, asserting that all his drip comes from popular hip-hop jeweler Elliot Eliantte.

Then, another unlikely voice entered the fold: Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks. Hanks, who's a budding musician, called dedicated fans of 6ix9ine "idiots" and suggested the rapper is "scared shitless but has no choice but to laugh."

6ix9ine, who's serving the remainder of a two-year sentence under home confinement after being released from prison in early April due to coronavirus concerns, has been attracting a lot of attention lately.

In fact, the video for his latest single, "GOOBA," broke Eminem's record for the most YouTube views on a hip-hop music video in 24 hours, earning a little over 43 million plays.