Maryland Rapper IDK's New Side Hustle Is Being A Music Professor At Harvard

Mahlik Campbell

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Thomas Rasmussen/Gonzales Photo/Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Rising Maryland hip-hop act IDK – an acronym for "Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge" – wants to spread his music business insight and experience with young hustlers who enroll in his new 10-day crash course at Harvard. (Should change that "Ignorantly" to "Intelligently," fr fr.)

The 28-year-old Warner Records signee discussed the upcoming class nicknamed "No Label Academy" with Rolling Stone and claimed the goal is to provide opportunities to future industry leaders – aspiring artists, producers, managers, publicists, A&Rs and more – from around the U.S. who don't have big budgets, family connections or the community support to get them up and running.

"The idea started when I realized how my situation had a lot to do with the odds being against me," IDK said. "I, being a felon and having minimal education in terms of certifications, was still finding a way to create a career that’s not only lucrative but in line with what I actually wanted to do in life."

Established in partnership with a media nonprofit called No Label, IDK originally met the co-founders during a live interview at Harvard in Feb. 2020. The course itself will be led by IDK and various guest speakers and touch on subjects beyond music as well, like financial literacy, contract negotiations, networking, social media marketing and mental health.

IDK released his debut album, 'Is He Real,' last year and received solid praise from critics and passionate rap fans like Washington, D.C.'s own Kevin Durant. KD even tapped IDK, whose real name is Jason Mills, to handle music supervision and composition for a homegrown basketball documentary he's creating.

The exact timing of the class and the application process are still being smoothed out.