Marlon Craft Launches Site for Fans to Directly Support His Career

Mahlik Campbell music /

New York rapper Marlon Craft is going all-in on himself and his fans with The Center, an online community that he describes as "an OnlyFans for fire music" but "more wavy." 

Craft, 27, launched the site after announcing his return to being a "100% independent" artist. "Betting All I Have On Me And Us," he tweeted.

On the site's opening page, Craft invites visitors to "Step Into The Center," which is "a place where the inner circle gets exclusive access to songs, videos and me. Much more to come."

In an open letter, the Hell's Kitchen MC known for socially-charged songs like "Gang S***" and his work with Kota the Friend claimed the platform will empower supporters to "vote with your dollar in a way that actually matters." 

"I've long known that this community and movement we been building is one of a kind, and now I'm betting everything I have on us," he wrote.

Fans are already being rewarded for their $7/month contributions, as Craft quickly dropped off a members-only single late last week. He also announced that fees for three of his videos have been covered thanks to The Center.

Is this "farm to table rap s***" the future?