Mario Judah Hijacks Hype Around Playboi Carti's 'WLR' And Drops New Single

Mahlik Campbell

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@mariojudah via Instagram

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Playboi Carti's almost mythical second album 'Whole Lotta Red,' viral Atlanta artist (and apparent Carti stan) Mario Judah is taking matters into his own hands. 

He interpolated Carti's signature baby voice aka Cartinese and delivered a mosh-ready single, "Bih Yah." The song and music video, which earned over a million plays on YouTube in less than a day, comes after a week of joking threats that Judah made toward Carti to push him to release 'WLR.'

On one: He demands in the initial clip, "Drop 'Whole Lotta Red,' bro! We want it. Bad. We've been waiting two years. You have one week. If you don't drop it I'm dropping it for you."

The 21-year-old continued teasing the unofficial timeline, tweeting messages like "get it together bruh" and "you now have 24 hours...deliver us the album or else...FINAL WARNING." (Sadly, the campaign didn't work.)

With a limited catalog of just five songs on major streaming platforms, Judah impressed fans with his accurate impression of Carti, unidentifiable ad-libs and all. If nothing else, the way he inserted himself into another artist's album rollout is a pretty novel marketing strategy.

"The crazy thing is mario judah learned cartinese and I real live can't tell the difference," one fan commented.

Scattered across subliminal social media whispers, i.e., "i hAv3 a gift 4 u :0," are hints about 'WLR,' though Carti has yet to reveal any solid details. There's a good chance Lil Yachty will be featured on the project, as the two recently hit the club together and collaborated on the deluxe version of Yachty's 'Lil Boat 3.'