Mac Miller's Website Features Hidden 'Faces' Artifacts After Streaming Release


| LAST UPDATE 10/18/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Mac Miller
Mauricio Santana via Getty Images

When Mac Miller originally dropped 'Faces' on Mother's Day in 2014, fans had to make him a virtual sandwich to download the free mixtape: "I love sandwiches," he told XXL at the time.

'Faces' arrived on streaming services last Friday, and this time around, there was yet another surprise placed on his official website.

Scroll to the bottom of and you'll discover a lone folder named "S0meTh1ngs."

Inside the folder are 11 pieces of rare content, from a letter written by "The continuers of Malcolm's music" to a photo of him with a huge beard and a pipe to the "OG" 'Faces' cover art designed by Mac's older brother, Miller, and more.

"Here we are. Hope you enjoy this little folder," the note opens. "Also, the mixtape is still out there for you to find, too. We did our best to keep this as close to it as possible. People gave their hearts and time to this happening. Thank you so much."

The letter then applauds Mac's go-to engineer and producer Josh Berg and E. Dan for their work on "Diablo" and continues, "Took a minute, but being able to hear this again. It's so good. And it's him. Everything, all together, all at once. Maybe you don't need anyone to tell you that."

There's also a screenshot that reads, "Check Back Soon We Will Upload More Stuff Sorry I Ran Out Of Time." Is this note suggesting more unheard music could be on the way?

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The re-release of 'Faces' – perhaps Mac's most widely cherished project among his fans – featured an expansive and moving bonus track, "Yeah."

Another artist who's hiding exclusive material on a site is Chicago's Mick Jenkins. He's getting ready to drop a new album, 'Elephant In The Room,' on Friday, Oct. 29th.

The Apple-style landing page (password: "Carefree) includes notes about the inspiration behind the album, lyrics, his real-life schedule and a music video for the single "Contacts."