Lil Yachty's All Smiles With New $80k Veneers, While A$AP Rocky Flaunts Flowery Grill


| LAST UPDATE 01/25/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Yachty
Jason LaVeris via FilmMagic

Veneers, or fake tooth coverings, are a growing craze among hip-hop's youngest stars, and Lil Yachty is the latest artist to refresh his oral style with some shiny whites. A$AP Rocky, however, is sticking with the bejeweled approach.

The former premiered his new look via a few social media posts. "My shiny teeth and meeee," Yachty wrote on Twitter, adding context to two selfies showing his bright smile. One of the selfies was repurposed for the Gram.

In addition, Yachty hopped on IG Live and revealed just how much money he invested in his mouth at the 7-minute mark, only after he noted that his veneers touch his molars, not just his front teeth. "Eighty K on the smile," he said. "You know I'm gonna be smiling for a while."

Comedian Druski joined the party as well and the pair shared near nonstop laughs and sarcastic compliments. According to Yachty, he went to the same dentist as Young Thug to get his oral update. "I was gon' tell you you look like Thug, though," Druski said, adding a loud "Slatt!"

Still, an icy pair of grills hold their own, especially if they're A$AP Rocky's jewels specially designed for A$AP Mob's recent sixth annual Yams Day celebration.

The colorful set – worn by Rocky throughout the event, including for a photo with Yams' mom – is made of natural pink and canary yellow diamonds and, get this, have real flowers inside. (That could be a first in grills history.)

Rocky was feeling so fresh he decided to preview an unheard track produced by his one-time favorite beatmaker from the 'Live. Love. ASAP' days, Clams Casino. "This insane jewelry collection it take a week to a week to shoot it," he fittingly raps.

Big fire!