Lil Yachty Trolls Polo G Over Maybach After Polo Drops $317k On New Car


| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Polo G
Sean Jorgensen/imageSPACE via Shutterstock

Fans know Lil Yachty and Polo G have expensive clothes and jewelry, but what about their car collection? The two exchanged videos boasting their pricey Maybach whips, causing a ruckus online…

Polo G celebrated his 23rd birthday aka his "Jordan Year" this past week and treated himself to all sorts of luxury items, including a new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class that cost him a cool $317k. He shared the moment he made the purchase with his nearly 10 million IG followers.

Polo then offered fans a brief tour of his new whip using a very proper Maybach salesman voice. The backseat features a center console with a Samsung tablet as well as six charging ports and a flip-up tray table. "Just like we're flying Delta."

"This is luxury," he continued, though he couldn't help but laugh and break character for a second. "This is living the luxury life. You know, you grind for what the f*** you deserve and you go out there and get it. That's all I have to say. 2022, man. We're off to a great start."

Lil Yachty caught wind of Polo's car tour and responded with his own Maybach review, also making sure to wish him a happy birthday. "I'd like you to pay close attention to the trimming. … You could fit a whale back here," Lil Boat says, imitating Polo's sophisticated attitude.

If Yachty and Polo G are anything like Meek Mill when it comes to expensive whips, they probably won't let many of their friends drive their Maybachs.

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Meek recalled not allowing his "entitled" old friends to drive his nice cars, making them upset. "Why would I let you drive my car that cost $400,000 and you don't got $40,000?"

While Yachty's own birthday isn't until August, he decided to hit up Icebox recently and cop a $150k "Working Man" chain, nodding to the logo for his collective and label dubbed the Concrete Boys.

The main rising act signed to Concrete is an Atlanta rapper named Draft Day, who's featured on Yachty's rapid-fire track "Demon Time."