Lil Yachty Gets Curved By Drake After Texting Him About 'Degrassi' Role


| LAST UPDATE 11/01/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Yachty
Lorne Thomson via Redferns

Ever since Lil Yachty and Drake joined forces for "Oprah's Bank Account" in March 2020, the two have formed a lighthearted friendship. But Yachty may have stepped over the line with this unfiltered text to Drizzy…

While seemingly revisiting old episodes of the teenage drama series 'Degrassi' starring Drake as Jimmy Brooks, Yachty thought it'd be funny to shoot Drake a text regarding his role as "Wheelchair Jimmy." (Jimmy gets shot by a fellow classmate, Rick, in Season 4, leaving him crippled.)

"I'm not gone lie bro, seeing u smile in a wheelchair is some funny s**t," Yachty messaged Drake aka "The Boy" in his contacts. Sadly for him, Drake never responded, so Yachty tagged him in an Instagram Story and tried to laugh away the burn of being ghosted by one of the biggest artists in the world.

Again, Drake never reposted or publicly acknowledged Yachty's IG Story. Did Yachty's text offend him? Just days ago, a former 'Degrassi' writer claimed Drizzy threatened to quit the show if Jimmy stayed in a wheelchair beyond Season 5, as his rap friends thought it was "soft."

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Drake eventually came to terms with his role, which has had a lasting impact. Madeline Robinson, a director for the nonprofit Wheelchairs 4 Kids, shared with TMZ that Drake's character "instilled confidence" in many handicapped people and "made their lives a little better."

Yachty was probably hoping he didn't tarnish his relationship with Drake. The 24-year-old has been a fan for a minute, even ranking his favorite Drake albums in early 2020. "My drake list in order from best to least best imo: 'Take Care,' 'Views,' 'NWTS,' 'WATTBA, 'Thank Me Later,' 'IFURREADINGTITL,' 'More Life,' 'Scorpion,'" he tweeted.

Maybe Yachty needs to contact him via his finsta or "fake Instagram," which is how he convinced him to appear on "Oprah's Bank Account."

Whatever happened behind the scenes, Yachty revealed Drake did eventually respond to his string of texts with a bunch of laughing emojis. Ahh, friends once again!