Lil Uzi Vert Shows Love to 9-Year-Old Fan for Birthday & Almost Makes Him Cry

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Lil Uzi Vert
Prince Williams via Wireimage

For being a largely reclusive artist, Lil Uzi Vert does an impressive job of fostering a connection with fans of all ages. Just take a peek at how he shouted out this kid named Casey for his ninth birthday.

Appearing in a one-minute video with his hit "XO Tour Llif3" playing in the background, Uzi offered the little man a heartfelt birthday wish.

Low-key jealous: "Happy birthday, Casey," he said, smiling. "I know it's your ninth birthday. You’re getting older, I know you been doing good, doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. So I hope you have a special birthday and I will be calling you. Bye-bye."

Casey, meanwhile, is in visible awe and begins to get teary-eyed near the end. Uzi captioned the Instagram clip, "You never know how much someone loves you until you reach out," and gave props to Casey's parents for "allowing you 2 listen 2 me." (His mom appears to be a DJ, one with especially lit taste.)

A short while later, Uzi followed through on his promise and hit Casey on FaceTime, letting him know he's going to stop by his 10th birthday. "So tell me, what are we going to do for your 10th birthday?" Uzi asked. "We gotta figure it out because I gotta be there this time. I’ll make sure I make time to make it to your next birthday. We’ll figure it out."

Teasing some heat: While the rest of Uzi's supporters probably shouldn't expect a personal call from the Philly artist any time soon, that doesn't mean there aren't surprises coming. 

He previewed an unheard banger for roughly 50,000 IG Live viewers the other day, leaning into an unconscious yet focused flow that plays around the refrain, "B***h!"

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