Lil Uzi Vert Really Got a Pink Diamond Worth $24 Million Planted Into His Forehead

Mahlik Campbell

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Prince Williams via Wireimage

Instead of an ethereal third eye, Lil Uzi is opting to adorn his forehead with a rare pink diamond allegedly worth $24 million. Welcome to 2021.

On Wednesday, the Philadelphia artist unveiled his bejeweled new appearance on Instagram, captioning a clip of him vibing in the studio to an unreleased snippet, "Beauty is pain."

The oval diamond was sourced by Elliot Eliantte, who also shared a clip of Uzi getting ready to blaze a mic. He simply wrote, "Activated."

Just last week, Uzi announced that he'd been paying for this stone "since 2017" and that it's close to 11 carats. Though the price hasn't been officially confirmed, Uzi's friends apparently have reason to believe $24 million is the real, unprecedented price tag.

To be clear, the diamond seems to be attached to a piercing rather than being surgically implanted. Dedicated supporters know Uzi used to wear a studded bar piercing in this same spot, so the idea isn't totally foreign to him. The 26-year-old simply maximized the carat count.

Why exactly did he choose the unlikely spot of his face, though? Lil B is one key inspiration. Another reason is that a diamond ring could be easily lost, which would lead to endless trolling. Whatever happens, it's insured.

At first glance, some fans claimed the jewel was off-center. Uzi hopped on his IG Story and explained that the swelling from the fresh long bar piercing was causing some symmetrical distortion.

"It’s actually in the middle," he said. "It’s in the middle. I just got a long bar in it because I just got it pierced. When the swelling go down I’ll get a short bar so it won’t move. Y’all keep talking about it off because I got a long bar in it so it can move ’cause of the swelling. When it go down, it gonna be right though."

Hours later, that swelling appeared to turn into something more serious, as Uzi tweeted that he was going to need to get the diamond removed and if it wasn't done properly he "could die." Thankfully, everything was alright and he continued shining.

Naturally, the internet joked that if his security is ever lacking, Uzi could face a similar fate as Vision from the MCU. In the 2018 film, 'Avengers: Infinity War,' Vision is ended when he encounters Thanos and has his Mind Stone ripped out. Freddie Gibbs co-opted the meme, too.

With Uzi also being a trailblazer for face tats in hip-hop, one has to wonder whether icing out your dome will soon be the new wave.