Lil Uzi Vert Mocks Playboi Carti: 'So U Dropping Monday Bet It'

Mahlik Campbell music /

Lil Uzi Vert is doing the most to sabotage Playboi Carti's album rollout. šŸ‘€

Only hours removed from the Thursday release of Carti's latest single "@ MEH," Uzi directed a few messages toward his (maybe) former collaborator and friend.

Initially, the Philadelphia artist drew attention by posting his own cover art that resembled the artwork for "@ MEH," along with the caption "Just Meh ." Possibly symbolizing his aggressive intentions, Uzi added one key element to the shady design: firearms.

Around the same time, Carti hopped on Twitter and wrote ". MoNDaY," hinting that his upcoming album Whole Lotta Red would be coming next Monday, April 20.

While this was huge news for fans of the Atlanta rapper who have been eagerly awaiting a new project for over 700 days and counting, Uzi quickly ā€“ like, in two minutes time ā€“ countered, following the request of Carti's newest song.

"@playboicarti so u dropping Monday Bet it," he wrote, suggesting sudden plans to also release new music on Monday.

He followed up with another tweet imitating Carti's original announcement.

Back in March, a couple of weeks after Eternal Atake dropped, Uzi stated that as soon as an unidentified "HE" dropped, he (Uzi) would open up his vault of unheard vibes once again. Many fans suspected Carti to be the subject of the tweet, but no confirmation was given.

Coming up as early collaborators in the SoundCloud Rap era circa 2016, Carti and Uzi helped launch one another into the mainstream. They've created several classic records over the years, including "LEFT RIGHT," "wokeuplikethis*" and "Shoota."

They even embarked on a joint tour following the success of "LEFT RIGHT." 

Considering Carti and Uzi's friendly past, onlookers were understandably confused about whether the two were beefing for real or finessing as part of a master plan to make headlines. If the latter is true, their scheme definitely worked.

Regardless, there is a bright side to this tense dialogue: a bunch of dope music!

Here's a peek at what was being said on Twitter. šŸ˜…