Lil Uzi Speaks on Meeting Fans After Viral Photo: "I’m Not Gonna Act Gangster"


| LAST UPDATE 06/15/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Uzi
C Flanigan/imageSPACE via Shutterstock

Those who follow hip-hop blogs on social media probably saw this goofy photo of a fan who threw his arm around Lil Uzi's shoulders at an Atlanta juice shop, making the rapper look like he was the one being starstruck.

Now, Uzi is speaking out on fan interactions.

The 26-year-old took to Twitter to explain why he acts so approachable around fans. "Im a happy person and I vibe with my fans if you see me I’m not gonna act gangster because that not what I am or who I am …. it’s okay 2 smile."

Of course, Uzi has enjoyed several viral moments with fans over the years. One of the more recent was when he brought a 9-year-old superfan named Casey to tears with a special birthday message.

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"Happy birthday, Casey," he said after singing along to "XO Tour Llif3." "I know it's your 9th birthday. You’re getting older, I know you been doing good, doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. So, I hope you have a special birthday, and I will be calling you. Bye-bye."


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Another awesome clip surfaced in May 2020 of Uzi casually freestyling with a fan and amateur rapper at a gas station, presumably in his home city of Philadelphia.

Uzi is showing love to some of his most loyal collaborators, too, delivering a verse for producer and rising star Pi'erre Bourne's 'The Life Of Pi'erre 5' earworm "Sossboy 2."

Though Uzi is generally the more proficient rapper, many listeners felt Pi'erre "carried" the track.