Lil Uzi Freestyles With a Fan in Wholesome Viral Clip

Mahlik Campbell

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Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert was more than happy to spontaneously kick a freestyle with fan and rapper Dre Havik in a carefree and wholesome new video. 👀

It's not every day someone stumbles upon one of the biggest rappers in the world during a visit to their neighborhood gas station. Even if this was to happen, they'd probably only be able to snap a quick photo before being shooed away by security.

Yet, aspiring rapper Dre Havik was lucky enough to not only hang out with Lil Uzi for a few minutes earlier this week when the latter was refueling his anime-wrapped Lamborghini Urus. Havik even got to trade bars with the Philadelphia artist in an impromptu freestyle session.

With cops lurking in the background, Havik and Uzi, who's wearing an Eternal Atake hoodie, offered boastful rhymes over a hard-hitting beat. "Yeah, I pulled up these n****s want talk but I just love to shoot / And Lil Uzi a one-man army," Uzi raps.

Uzi is no stranger to his fans, having appeared in several videos where he can be seen casually interacting with supporters.

An innocent and funny meme – "It's only my third day out here, I don't know" – was sparked in 2018 after a group of young listeners came across the rapper while riding a school bus.

No wonder Uzi has been able to cultivate such a loyal fan base that has helped keep his latest full-length album, Eternal Atake, in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 for the past nine weeks.

Another high-profile rapper, DaBaby, also recently showed love to a young artist nicknamed City Boy The Rapper in a parking lot in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, buying his mixtape for $10 and tagging him in an Instagram Story.

This trend brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "catch him in traffic."