Lil Uzi Defends NAV From Trolls During Adin Ross Interview, Labels Him "Genius"


| LAST UPDATE 02/23/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Steve Jennings via FilmMagic

Canadian rapper and producer NAV is one of the internet's favorite artists to hate, despite being co-signed by the likes of The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Young Thug and more.

Critic Anthony Fantano even once said he "cannot name a more boring rapper/singer in hip-hop than NAV." Lil Uzi Vert is tired of this narrative, so he's going all out to defend his friend and creative partner.

Chopping it up with popular Twitch personality Adin Ross, Uzi claimed NAV is a "genius" and always gives his fans "exactly what you want." (NAV's monthly listener count on Spotify is just under 8 million.)

Having dropped six tracks alongside NAV since 2017, Uzi is biased but also familiar with his personality, saying he's not an "extra n***a."

Uzi even went as far as to say, "NAV never dropped a bad project." (His last two albums, 'Good Intentions' and 'Bad Habits,' both reached the top position on the Billboard 200 chart.) He explained that he likes how NAV stays low-key and then drops "a f*****g smash every time, and it goes over peoples' heads how many f*****g smashes that NAV put out that everyone remembers."

NAV's breakout hit "Myself" from 2016 doubles as his most well-known solo track to date. Kylie Jenner famously played the song in her car and posted it on Snapchat, giving the song a 309% bump in plays.

NAV's music is both "nostalgic" and "up-to-date," according to Uzi, and he believes the 32-year-old will "never go out of style." Back in 2019, NAV made headlines after saying he'd retire from music after Uzi himself made the same claim. "If [Lil Uzi] quit I'm out too," he wrote.

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However, he was salty after some fans seemed to cheer this idea, writing, "Got more followers than ever since I said I'm out. The world really enjoys watching your downfall." He added, "Everyone support you when you're coming up until you're actually up."