Lil Nas X Rips Pants During 'SNL' Performance of "Montero"


| LAST UPDATE 05/24/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Nas X
Rob Latour via Shutterstock

As the musical guest for a special Pride-themed episode of 'Saturday Night Live' this past weekend, Lil Nas X played his hit song "Montero" as well as his newest single, "Sun Goes Down," which he premiered on the show.

Everything seems to have gone according to plan…except for a revealing wardrobe malfunction.

Dropping it low on a stripper pole during "Montero" at the 2:20 mark, Lil Nas quickly realized that he tore the front of his leather pants. As a trained performer, though, he was able to adjust on the fly (no pun intended), placing his hand over his crotch before knocking out the rest of the track.

Lil Nas couldn't help but cringe when re-watching the clip on his TikTok. He later explained that not only did he have to overcome a fear of performing but all of his backup dancers were replaced about 24 hours before the show due to a positive COVID test.

"everything happens for a reason tho lol," he wrote.



Ripped pants or not, fans of Lil Nas celebrated his creativity and fearless attitude as he continues to push boundaries in pop music. He was trending for much of the following day.

BROCKHAMPTON's Kevin Abstract – another openly gay artist – most enjoyed watching Lil Nas get his neck licked.

Seems like he's always making history!