Lil Nas X Responds to Jack Harlow Saying He Would've Done the "Shower Scene"


| LAST UPDATE 07/26/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Jack Harlow
Michele Eve Sandberg via Shutterstock

In the video for Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow's triumphant new single, "Industry Baby," Lil Nas dances in a shower filled with naked men. Turns out, if Lil Nas would've done one thing differently, Jack would've stripped, too.

Nodding to the lawsuit Nike filed against a brand called MSCHF over Lil Nas's blood-infused "Satan Shoes" back in March, the 22-year-old heads to a fictional prison for "Industry Baby" and eventually breaks out with his fellow inmates.

Not before Jack hooks up with one of the guards, though.

The most memorable moment is when Lil Nas gets nude in the shower with 8 other guys. Jack is missing from the group, and fans assumed he had decided against the part. But he later revealed, "If [Nas] had asked me to be in that shower scene I woulda been in that shower scene."

As someone who lives to make viral content, Lil Nas couldn't believe he had missed the opportunity for such an iconic shot with Jack.

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The 22-year-old begged him to shoot the video again and half-jokingly apologized to his LGBTQ+ fans: "i have failed you. i am embarrassed. i am ashamed. and i will learn from my mistakes."

Jack, who's straight, continued to tease Lil Nas, recalling a moment when he told him, "Stop looking into my eyes," presumably because Lil Nas was catching feelings. The antics around the song are paying off, as both artists earned their biggest debut on Spotify with over 2 million streams.

With these kinds of numbers, Jack is reaching a new echelon of fame.

In fact, someone is trying to sell a half-eaten loaf of bread from his dressing room at a recent concert stop for $300…and a person actually placed a bid for that amount.

These fans are doing the most!