Lil Durk's "Who Want Smoke??" Remix Lyrics About King Von's Death Raise Eyebrows


| LAST UPDATE 10/12/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Durk
Stephen Lovekin via Shutterstock

Nearly one year ago, Lil Durk's OTF prodigy King Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta club. Many believed Von's suspected murderer had gotten away scot-free in the streets, but Durk now suggests he got revenge…

YouTube was set on fire the other day with the release of Nardo Wick's much-anticipated "Who Want Smoke??" remix featuring Durk, 21 Savage and G Herbo. Durk lays everything on the line with a bold verse where he addresses Von's murder and the fan-generated slogan, "Slide for Von."

"They be on my page like, 'Slide for Von,' I know they trollin' me / Outside what y'all big homie be on, I keep them folks with me / Got it back in blood, y'all just don't know, that's how it 'posed to be / Call him for a feature just to kill him 'cause we know he sweet!" Durk raps.

After Von's passing, fans began flooding Durk's socials with the phrase "Slide for Von," encouraging him to seek revenge for Von's death.

Von's accused killer is a 23-year-old Atlanta rapper named Lul Tim, who was arrested and charged in Von's killing back in March. He posted a $100,000 bond and was released.

While Lil Tum is still alive, Durk claims he secretly "got it back in blood" on "Who Want Smoke??" Not only is Durk nodding to "Back In Blood," his smash with Pooh Shiesty, but the phrase itself refers to getting deadly revenge on someone who harms you or someone close to you.

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Durkio has also faced pressure to "Slide for Von" from his most well-known rap foe, 6ix9ine. In February, 6ix9ine dragged Durk for allegedly not living up to Pooh Shiesty's bars on "Back In Blood" where he goes, "If a n**** killer ain't dead we don't wear no RIP shirt."

At the time, Smurk seemingly responded with this tweet: The goal is not to go to jail so y’all will never see me do tuff s**t on here to look street ..... I am the streets."

Chicago rapper 600 Breezy – reportedly a part of the same gang as Lil Durk, the Black Disciples – offered a direct threat to 6ix9ine for disrespecting King Von, also a BD. "You gon' die," Breeezy repeatedly said.

Beyond his "Who Want Smoke??" verse, Durkio is making headlines for sharing his plans to propose to his loyal girlfriend, India aka "The Blessing."

"She asked me what I want for my birthday I told her a son and for us to get married," Durkio captioned several selfies on IG. India replied in the comments, "You can have whatever you like."

(That would be Durk's 7th child. He and India already have a daughter named Willow Banks.) Durk turns 29 years old on Tuesday, Oct. 19th.