Lil Baby Signee 42 Dugg Delivers "Young & Turnt 2"

Mahlik Campbell

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On Friday, Lil Baby and Yo Gotti signee 42 Dugg delivered his latest mixtape, Young & Turnt 2.

The 14-song sequel to 2019's Young & Turnt features guest spots from both Baby and Gotti as they appear alongside Dugg on "Not A Rapper." Mainstay Detroit rap figure and longtime collaborator Babyface Ray also offers a verse on "One of One."

If you're confused how Dugg can be signed to two artists at once since Baby and Gotti don't share a label, you're likely not alone. The 24-year-old Detroiter is in a rare situation.

Dugg's catchy, sing-rap style on raw songs like "The Streets," which features Babyface Ray, ignited a bidding war between Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group label as well as Lil Baby's 4PF imprint in 2019. But he was able to strike a joint agreement with both companies due to his "unique approach to business," according to Complex.

"I think 42 Dugg is a superstar. He’s got the voice, the music, the look and the hustle," Gotti said.

Besides putting Dugg on his postponed New Generation Tour, Lil Baby helped raise the profile of the young artist by giving him an opportunity to shine on "Grace," the fourth song off My Turn. "New dawn, no roof, I still see the sky / Peace to my grandma, I can still see my guys," he sings with a tinge of Kodak Black in his voice.

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