Lil Baby Presses YK Osiris For $5k Unpaid Debt; Osiris Also Owes Drake $60k


| LAST UPDATE 12/03/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Baby
Erika Goldring via WireImage

YK Osiris and Lil Baby ran into each other during a recent trip to the Atlanta jewelry store Icebox. Things got tense when Baby accused Osiris of skipping out on a $5,000 debt he owes, leading Osiris to respond like this…

"I know that rap s**t go up and down," Baby said. "If you f****d up right now, don't worry about it. I'll wait on your next hit." While Baby seems a little upset over the unpaid $5k, it's not like he needs it. He often drops tens of thousands on drip at Icebox, which is like a second home to him.

Zahir Jooma – one of the co-owners of Icebox – then explained to Osiris that whenever Baby owes him, "I don't text him. But I know when I see him, he's going to take care of me."

According to Baby, Osiris has been keeping him waiting for his cash for "like five or six months." The interaction even spawned a new meme where Osiris is staring at Baby pulling out hella bands.

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Shortly after the clip went viral, Osiris tagged Baby in an IG Story showing a stack of cash, suggesting he's ready to pay. (It's unknown why exactly Osiris owes him.)

But Baby isn't the only rapper Osiris is indebted to – Boosie claimed the 23-year-old is trying to finesse him, too.

Boosie told Vlad TV, "Osiris owe me $1,200." They have a bet stemming from Osiris' viral crate challenge attempt back in August. Apparently, Boosie wagered him that if he failed to make it across all the crates, he would have to pay him $600. Osiris fell not once but twice, per Boosie.

It looks like Osiris soaked up some free motivation from Drake to keep grinding when he visited his $100 million home in Toronto. "This is what you call f*****g greatness, man," Osiris said while touring Drizzy's trophy room.

However, it turns out Osiris owes Drake money, too. $60,000 to be exact!

Instead of a cash transaction, Drizzy simply made Osiris sing along to his 2019 hit "Worth It." Osiris wrote on IG, "@champagnepapi said if I sing, my 60k I owe him is clear lol welp ‼️‼️ I had to clear that debt." Not a bad deal.