Lil Baby Laughs Off Meme Prank Showing Him as an Older Woman

Mahlik Campbell

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Everyone could use a good laugh these days, Lil Baby included. The Atlanta rapper reacted to a goofy meme taking over Twitter involving a still of him smiling with a hastily photoshopped wig and earings and made to look like it's been pulled from a vintage high school yearbook.

"Tell yall mamas stop playing with me," he tweeted late Tuesday night with a bunch of laughing emojis.

Fans have been using the grainy, black and white picture to pull pranks on their parents, asking whether they know this mysterious momma.

"Momma you know this girl from school?" one girl texted in the first screenshot to go viral. Her moms not only bought the joke – she even offered a name. "Yes shakima reels," she replied. Bruhh.

Another conversation had someone telling their mom that they ran into Ms. Reels and things got froggy. "Well she said y'all didn't get along and if I wanted to act funny she would get her daughter on me," she wrote.

Their mom then angrily texted the photo of Baby to her friend: "B**** who the f*** is this?" 

If people want to keep this joke going, Lil Yachty could be the next rapper to pass as a woman who looks kind of familiar. A hilarious TikTok of him looking like someone's aunt recently went viral.