Lil Baby Isn't Feeling This Viral Rap Copycat Named Lil Man J Aka "White Lil Baby"


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Baby
Katja Ogrin via Getty Images

Rappers steal each other's flows all the time. But after this young artist went viral for copying damn near everything about Lil Baby's music, Baby had to comment and let the world know his REAL opinion.

These days, Lil Baby is known as one of the biggest artists in the game thanks to his signature lyrical aggression and undeniable swag. There was a time not long ago when he wasn't even taking rap seriously, though he was living the same flashy lifestyle of a rapper in Atlanta.

But don't get it twisted: Baby had to put in work to turn into a superstar whose last album 'My Turn' sold over 4 million copies. Asked how he became a "good rapper," Baby said that once he realized he had fans and a platform, he didn't want to let people down by sounding like other artists.

With 30 million monthly Spotify listeners, Baby is now the dude others are molding their styles after. In fact, there's a kid named Lil Man J who's racked up more than 1 million views on YouTube with a track called "Cap Freestyle" that sounds like it came straight from Baby's hard drive!

He even raps in the first verse, "Tryna act Black but I'm white as can bе / Yeah I'm white Lil Baby, no one harder than me!"

Baby finally shared his thoughts on Lil Man J, though it's probably not what he wanted to hear. Under an IG repost from Our Generation Music, Baby wrote, "Is this a joke or he serious?"

Someone else applauded his talent but argued "this impersonating s**t gotta stop whether it's rapping or looking like the rapper."

While we can all agree Lil Man J doesn't look anything like Lil Baby, it's proving to be true that impersonating rappers can only go so far.

"Fake Drake" even got banned from IG for acting like Drizzy's doppelgänger, days after Akademiks claimed real Drake didn't like the stunt.

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Baby is also making headlines with the below clip where a fan gets straight bundled after hopping on stage while the Atlanta rapper was performing.

Festivalgoers: Take notes!