Lil Baby Gives Update On Young Thug's Status Behind Bars: "He's In Great Spirits"


| LAST UPDATE 06/09/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Baby & Young Thug
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

The relationship between Lil Baby and Young Thug runs deep – Thug used to pay Baby as much as $10k to spend time in the studio rather than on the streets of Atlanta.

Now, Baby is the one making sure Thug is all good.

The biggest story in hip-hop is the looming RICO case involving Young Thug, Gunna and 26 other alleged YSL or Young Slime Life affiliates. Both Thug and Gunna are being held without bond, as prosecutors have argued that Thug is "dangerous" and will harm those who turn against him.

"State wraps up saying Young Thug is the 'most dangerous of the 28' in the entire RICO indictment," one reporter tweeted. "'He's the top dog, he's the most dangerous man here...he is the one they're all afraid of, he's the one that's King Slime, he's pulling the shots.'"

With Thug and Gunna missing from the Atlanta rap scene, Lil Baby is the artist carrying the torch. But he's not about to forget about one of his best mentors, sharing a viral tweet that Thugger is in "great spirits."

Baby once described Thug's support of him. "I was in the neighborhood and [Thug] was like, 'What you doing in the neighborhood?' I was like, 'You already know what I’m doing," he told XXL. "So he was like, 'Okay, how much money are you gonna make today?' I was probably going to make like $7K, maybe $10K. He just went, 'I'll give you that – just go to the studio.'"

The two even have a secret handshake, which you can peep below.

Chopping it up with The Breakfast Club last October, Thug explained why he wanted Baby to focus on making music circa 2018. "I just didn't want him to go back to prison," he said. "I was scared for him to go back to jail because he had just did a bid. He got straight out of jail and went straight back to the same neighborhood, the same house that the police busted him."

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Plus, Baby was already popular in the neighborhood and had a natural charisma and work ethic.

Thug has so much love for him that he literally has a song called "Lil Baby" from 2019's 'So Much Fun.'

While Baby is one of the few celebs who's been able to talk to Thug, he's far from the only one thinking about him and YSL. Meek Mill and Cordae recently shared their support.

Stay tuned for updates on the case.