Kodak Black Earns Big Legal Win After Prison Release, Can Tour Outside of Florida


| LAST UPDATE 04/19/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Kodak Black
Jason Koerner via Getty Images

Ever since he was freed from prison near the beginning of 2021, Kodak Black has been unable to regularly tour outside of his home state of Florida. But a new decision in his weapons case is about to alter his career forever.

On his way to perform at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami in 2019, Kodak was arrested for sharing false info with the federal government in an attempt to buy firearms. He was soon sentenced to nearly four years behind bars, though he was released early with Donald Trump's support.

When asked how he was able to secure the commutation in an interview with the Nelk Boys, all Kodak could reveal is they were "making sure we gettin' up out of there safe." He vaguely continued, "[They] called me 'The Eagle.' Like, The Eagle has landed, man. The package."

Yak was placed on probation and he's had to follow strict rules over the past year. For example, he couldn't leave Florida without a judge's approval. However, his probation has been updated to "non-reporting," meaning he can now travel and tour freely, per his lawyer Bradford Cohen.

Kodak isn't Cohen's only high-profile rapper client. In fact, he just helped Polo G get every charge dropped stemming from his June 2021 arrest where he allegedly attacked a police officer during a traffic stop in Miami. All Polo had to do was complete a six-hour anger management class.

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Cohen is also representing Pooh Shiesty with his alleged involvement in a Miami armed robbery that resulted in two men being shot. At one point, the 22-year-old was facing a max sentence of life before pleading guilty to one firearm conspiracy charge. Fans are awaiting further news.

With his new probation terms, Yak will likely do his best to fully capitalize on the success of his fourth album 'Back For Everything,' which premiered at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart in February.

Fans are really feeling the bouncy tracks "Purple Stamp" and "Usain Boo," and there are talks of an official video coming soon for the latter.