Kenny Beats Sources Hella Equipment for Kid in Bedroom Studio Meme

Mahlik Campbell

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Producer Kenny Beats helped this mini rapper get one step closer to his dream. 😭

If you haven't seen, a mom recently found her son recording raps in a makeshift studio while he was supposed to be cleaning his room, creating an oddly inspiring meme out of the moment.

29-year-old producer Kenny Beats, who's known for his work with Denzel Curry, Rico Nasty, KEY! and others, came across the photo and felt moved to help this youngin' out by plugging him with some real studio gear.

So, he quote-tweeted the original viral note out to his nearly 300,000 Twitter followers with a goal: "We gotta find him and get him some equipment !!!"

It didn't take long for others in the music industry to reach out and offer their help. "I’m down to peice up on a laptop," Guapdad 4000 tweeted.

"I’ll put in money for some XLRs or monitors. 😂," wrote YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano.

Billie Eilish's brother and lead producer, Finneas, even said he turned into "a huge fan" of the 11-year-old who goes by Ray 3.

After some online investigators tracked down Ray's YouTube and Instagram (@deehud3), which now has over 22,000 followers, Kenny got in contact and let him know that he'd be "sending him everything he needs."

The two unlikely friends also hopped on IG Live for a minute to link and coordinate on some logistics. "Ray you gotta get your sibling or your parent to call me ASAP," Kenny said.

Mr. Beats sounding like he's ready to be a dad.

He later shared a couple of screenshots of receipts from Guitar Center along with a heartwarming message: "Everyone who saw this meme knew that this kid was going to win."

To top things off, Kehlani claimed that she's "ready to stan Ray" and buy his music and concert tickets.

This is honestly so dope. Shout out to Kenny for bringing some positivity to the world during troubling times, for real.

While you're here, stream Ray 3's most beloved track so far, "Baby." Can't wait to see what else little man accomplishes!