Kenny Beats Reacts to Viral Tweet Trend Rhyming His Name With Activities

Mahlik Campbell music /

If not for being a dope producer, fans of Kenny Beats love him for his lighthearted and joking personality that shines through his Twitch streams and YouTube show called 'The Cave.'

On Thursday, Kenny caught wind of a hilarious viral Twitter trend in which users rhyme the word "Beats" in his name with another word representing some daily activity. 

Below are some of the wittiest bars, like "kenny beats makes bread. kenny wheats," "kenny beats sits down. kenny seats," and "Kenny Beats becomes a butcher. Kenny Meats." You get the gist. 

"HOW LONG HAVE YALL BEEN DOING THIS ?!" Kenny commented on one of the threads. After realizing the story had evolved into an official Twitter moment, he had seemingly had enough: "Ok y’all can stop now."

But by then, things had already snowballed out of his control. Spotify's RapCaviar account and 6LACK offered their own puns: "kenny beats. starts farming kenny beets" and "kenny wants y'all to pump the brakes. kenny screech." Nick Lachey randomly got in on the action, too. Hahah.

What about this for an original: "Kenny Beats plays unreleased Playboi Carti. Kenny Leaks!" Alright, I'll stop.

If you can't get enough, feel free to keep scrolling.