Certified Friends: Drake Ends Feud With 'Ye Ahead of ‘Free Larry Hoover’ Concert


| LAST UPDATE 11/26/2021

By Manny Ray
drake kanye west concert
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They don't call him "lover boy" for nothing: after endless years spent beefing, Drizzy has finally agreed to bury the hatchet with 'Ye. Wild, we know. But the timing is actually anything but random. From their upcoming gig to the campaigning it'll call for, hang on while we break down everything we know about the rivals' reconciliation.

drake kanye larry hoover
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It all started on November 16, when the Donda rapper took to the 'gram to break the big news: Standing alongside music wiz J. Prince and Drizzy, West's snap, no doubt, got people talking. After all, when was the last time you caught the rappers in the same room - willingly, at least? Safe to say, that's all about to change...

In case you forgot, the rappers are set to make history next month when they take to the stage... together. Sure, they'll be "sharing the two biggest albums of the year," as 'Ye himself promised. But their upcoming gig - titled "Free Larry Hoover" - is going to call for lots more than that. But why don't we let Mr. West do all the talking here, as he does best?

"I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause but prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride aside and come together," the rapper explained. The Free Larry Hoover concert will not only bring the decade-long feud to end, but also shed light on a cause close to 'Ye's heart...

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kanye donda drake concert
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The December 9 event, set to go down at L.A.'s Memorial Coliseum, will be part of West's campaign to help get Hoover freed from behind bars. The Mississippi native is currently serving a 200 year sentence for the alleged murder of a rival gang leader. While we can't promise the benefit concert will be successful in its mission, we can tell you this: You won't want to miss it. Pop on over to Ticketmaster to be a part of hip-hop history. And of course, stay tuned.