Jay Electronica and Joe Budden Start a Feud on Twitter

Mahlik Campbell music /

Here's some news to briefly distract you from the end of the world: Jay Electronica and Joe Budden are feuding over criticism of Elec's debut album, A Written Testimony. 

It all started on Monday when Budden started trashing Electronica's decision to feature Jay-Z so heavily on the project. Starting at the 16:19 mark below, he called it "a mistake," echoing the thoughts of many listeners, as well as co-hosts Mal and Rory, who thought the 43-year-old artist was outshined by Jay-Z on his first full-length album.

"It is a mistake," Budden said. "As a rapper, I'm telling you, [Jay Electronica] got smacked around [by Jay-Z]."

Budden later admits he's being a hater, but it's fueled by the high expectations he had for Electronica and the decade that passed between major releases.

"Granted, this is hate, but it's rapper hate," Budden continued. "Because, when y'all move the goalpost, as a rapper, I see it. For the last decade, y'all have mentioned Jay Elec with Hov. And Jay Elec positions himself that way on arguably one of the greatest tracks ever on 'Exhibit C.' That is god-level rhyming."

A day later on Tuesday, Electronica, who has been active on Twitter recently, trolled Rory in response to a tweet mocking Budden's thoughts on A Written Testimony.

Budden then responded, doubling down on his opinion. "I never got absolutely mopped around on my own project either… @ me, not Rory," he tweeted. He later said he took Electronica off the album and turned it into a straight Hov tape.

Electronica tried to take the high road, but couldn't help offering a passive-aggressive well-wish as he left. "i never heard your albums bro. may Allah bless your career as a journalist," he said. 😂

In a deleted tweet, Electronica also said he'd be willing to do an interview to talk about everything. But he wants Budden and crew to first give him credit for starting a buzz around their next podcast episode.

A few hours later, grainy video appeared of Electronica and Budden chopping it up and acting like friends. Electronica talks like he's familiar with Budden, saying, "I like that he don't give a fuck."

Hearing the voice behind the camera, the video was probably taken by Angela Yee, co-host of The Breakfast Club radio show.

Here are some of the internet's funniest reactions to this beef no one asked for.