Jack Harlow Secures Kanye Co-Sign & Says No Rapper In His Generation Can Rival Him


| LAST UPDATE 02/23/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Jack Harlow
Timothy Norris via WireImage

Whether dropping a #1 song with Lil Nas X, kicking it with Drake or selling out shows across the country, few rappers have as much momentum as Jack Harlow. His confidence is through the roof, too.

Jack shook the internet with his triumphant first single of 2022 called "Nail Tech," as the music video racked up more than 8 million views in only a few days. "She down low, three-point stance, I'm back there doin' Jack dance like / Baow, baow, baow, baow!" he chants on the hook.

Before the song even arrived, he made headlines with a cocky message. "No one in my generation can f**k with me," Jack told his 950k Twitter followers. "You will see tomorrow."

While there weren't any artists who addressed the 23-year-old's brag, Polo G is a leading name that comes to mind when thinking about Jack's competition in his generation. Polo even follows Jack, and he later wrote, "Can't wait to start droppin' new music."

Not only are Jack and Polo G the same age (23) but they share similar commercial and creative accolades.

Both of their albums reached the top 10 on the Billboard 200 last year (Jack hit #5 with 'That's What They All Say' and Polo hit #1 with 'Hall of Fame'), both have one chart-topping entry on the Hot 100 (Jack and Lil Nas X's "Industry Baby" and Polo's "Rapstar") and both have tracks with Lil Baby.

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Plus, their respective home states of Kentucky and Illinois border one another.

There's one notable person who seems to agree with Jack's idea: Kanye. He shared a screenshot of "Nail Tech" on IG and wrote, "This n***a can raaaaaaap bro. And I'm saying n***a as a compliment. Top 5 out right now."

The unexpected co-sign nearly brought Jack to tears: "This right here…is one of the greatest moments of my entire life...Glad y'all all get front row seats to it."

(Jack crowned Ye's 'Late Registration' as his GOAT hip-hop album last September.) There were also rumors Jack went down to Miami shortly after to record for 'Donda 2.'

He then made time to travel to Cleveland to play in the NBA's Celebrity All-Star Game where he drained a deep 3-pointer and hit a fast-break layup.

Is there anything this man can't do?!