Jack Harlow is Soaking Up the Moment on "Sweet Action"

Mahlik Campbell music /

Off the strength of his smash single "WHATS POPPIN," which peaked at No. 74 on the Hot 100 this week, Jack Harlow has followed up with a new seven-song project, Sweet Action. 

Released through DJ Drama and Don Cannon's Generation Now label, Harlow rides the unabashed energy and honesty heard throughout his last album, Confetti. Earlier this week, we highlighted that exact energy as Jack embarked on a mini freestyle tour, gracing the mics of both the LA Leakers and Funk Flex.

As noted in a 2018 interview with ItsTheReal, Harlow rarely writes down his raps. He prefers to "punch in," a common way of recording among contemporary rappers that focuses on developing a song only a few bars at a time. In some ways, this method is more instinctual and in the moment, allowing an artist to connect with the music and avoid overthinking their approach.

Listening to the steady movement on Sweet Action, Jack is determined to soak up the present and not waste a second. He moves swiftly but confidently from one decision to the next, motivated by success and the opportunity to live life to the fullest with those who have held him down since high school.

Unwavering focus is the foundation for his lifestyle."Hey, big head / I'm locked in tryna' make this bread / I can't keep on giving you time / I got cash to make instead," he raps over bouncing bells on "HEY BIG HEAD."

With "WHATS POPPIN," Jack preaches a similar sentiment about the importance of locking in on your own goals before trying to shape someone else's. "I'm getting real sick of taking advice / From people that never could stare at reflections," he states.

In a brand new interview with DJBoothJack's creative strategy to lean into feelings rather than thoughts is tightly captured. “The goal is to get out of thinking and into feeling," he said.

As a result, melodies are typically easier to draft than words. "Words are the challenge," he admitted. "Sometimes they’re not a challenge, but they’re the important part, to me, and that’s what I try not to sacrifice. Flows are easy to pick, it’s like dancing."

Fittingly, Sweet Action makes for a fun, carefree listen that's sure to bring you to your feet. Stream below. 🍬